I have been seriously busy with chess starting from 1991.As a result I have now 12 different chess sets as for the style. Each of them is a separate piece of my life and my longings.
Nearly a half of my collections is dedicated to glorious events of Russian State. I tried with maximal accuracy to reflect traces of theses great events in chess. A historically authentic costume, details of such glorious epoch and a portrait resemblance of principal figures of that time is an integral part of each chess set series “Glorious Russian Victories”. Reflecting such a subject I express, in the first place, a gratitude and respect to our Great Ancestry and to their famous achievements.
The development of the Studio leads to the formation of creative unions with well known artists. In the result new unexpected and interesting decisions appear.
For the time being I have some new projects worked out. The creative process lasts…

Don’t despair; these dangerous storms will turn info
the Fame of Russia. Faith, love for Fatherland and adherence to the Throne shall triumph. I have not long to live; I do not fear to die, willing only to see the new glory of dear Fatherland!

By F.F. Ushakov



Grigory Pashkov